Comfortable Vehicle without Pollution

There are neither noises nor vibrations owing to no rail-wheel contact because attractive force of electromagnets levitates a car. It is the epoch-making traffic system with comfortable ride and non-pollution.

Safe transit system without accidents

HSST system does not have derailment or overturning of vehicles because vehicles hug rail. Human bodies or magnetic cards are not affected by magnetic field because HSST system uses not repulsive force but attractive force of electromagnets.

Low construction and maintenance cost

Thanks to light weight of vehicles, guideway structure is slim and construction and maintenance cost of guideway is relatively small. Initial cost of this system is much smaller than that of conventional railway.

Environmentally friendly urban transit system for 21st century

Propulsion by linear motor makes vehicles climb up and down steep slope easily, and small size of cars makes them negotiate sharp curve. Elevated guideway makes vehicles free from traffic jam. Cars can be levitated while standing still, and HSST system is suitable for urban transport on which the distances between stations are usually short.